Cheap Reseller Hosting Plans

The cPanel reseller hosting solutions usually require a large initial investment in order to start your business. On one hand this might be a risky challenge as there is never a guarantee that you will succeed in it and on the other hand it is slightly possible that when you start such a business you will have a large initial capital to invest.

This significantly shrinks your opportunities as you will most probably have to start with rather cheap solutions which will not be an advantage in your aim to attract more and various customers that would be willing to purchase hosting solutions from you.

Large variety of web hosting solutions offered

Another important aspect we have spotted and that made us consider Resellers Panel one of the most appropriate wholesale shared hosting solutions is that as an ICANN accredited registrar would provide you with the opportunity to offer a large variety of TLD-s that could be targeted not only to the global markets but also to the local such. This is surely an advantage that would help you turn your web hosting reseller business into a successful such.

A really attractive reseller hosting program

On the whole we would recommend the service offered by Resellers Panel as a really attractive such as they are also taking care for all the back-end implementations and not only this but would be providing 24/7 customer support service for all your customers. Definitely an idea to be considered.

Offer shared web hosting solutions, Virtual Private Servers and dedicated hosting servers, domains and SSL certificates under your own brand.


  • Start your own hosting company with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • No reseller fees are required.
  • Full reseller automation.
  • Personal brand hosting reseller solutions.
  • A multi-currency billing platform.

A very good reseller web hosting provider

One of the reason why we consider Resellers Panel to be a really good wholesale services provider is the fact there is no need to invest anything in order to start your business with them. Thus you will not be limited in having to choose amongcheap reseller hosting plans but would be able to prepare a vast portfolio of solutions.